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Leadership in the 21st Century is about inspiring people with a powerful vision, creating positive energy, and igniting passion. Great leaders foster a work environment that thrives on personal motivation, adaptability, collaboration, and accountability. 

Today's dynamic, collaborative, and multi-generational world provides new challenges and requires innovative approaches to leadership. 

Rather than acquiring a toolkit of one-size-fits-all competencies, leaders must build nuanced responses to disparate situations and relationships. Effective leadership – a combination of “doing” and “being” – motivates a team to succeed.

That success often hinges on the ability to manage emotions, avoid miscommunications, resolve conflicts, reach consensus, and provide feedback that helps build a cohesive work environment to get things done. During this workshop, participants will hone skills on these topics, and more:

Resolving Conflict: Skilled conflict managers influence a dispute’s outcome by shaping how participants feel about the problem, the organization, and each other in the conflict’s aftermath.  Well-managed conflict can actually strengthen relationships, build teamwork, encourage open communication and cooperative problem solving, and increase productivity.

Providing Feedback: Although one of the most important skills is the ability to give and receive feedback effectively, it is also one of the most challenging. Feedback is essential for learning and continuous improvement and can help to motivate and build good relationships, depending on how it is conveyed.

This foundational course provides context and skills for leaders looking to strengthen their management style, inspire their teams, and help their talent, and their organization, succeed.

Key topics:

  • A look at 21st Century engagement in the workplace
  • Fundamental reasons for leadership derailment and the new skills that can help prevent it
  • Leveraging conflict situations as opportunities for critical conversations that enhance relationships
  • Providing and receiving effective, constructive feedback
  • Identifying opportunities and challenges of a multi-generational workplace

Program participants will leave with:

  • Keys for developing talent in organizations
  • An understanding of emotional intelligence competencies and how to develop them
  • Appropriate responses to emotionally charged situations

*Please note: this program will be held at Siemens’s Charlotte office and additional details will be emailed to participants ahead of the program date. Siemens is located at 5101 Westinghouse Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273.

Dr. Gary Kohut

Program Director, Dual MBA and EGADE Business School Technológico de Monterrey and Professor of Management

Dr. Gary Kohut joined the Belk College faculty in 1983.  He currently teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in communication and management. His research focuses on corporate communication strategy, leadership and management development and applied technology in business communication. He is co-author of three books: Business Communication: A Functional Perspective, Contemporary Business Report Writing, and Write to Win.

Dr. Kohut has published articles in both academic and practitioner journals, and has written chapters and cases in communications, management and marketing texts. He has conducted management development seminars and workshops for several major regional and national corporations. Dr. Kohut is an active member of professional associations and is a member of the board of Comtech Enterprises. He is also currently serving as director of UNC Charlotte's MBA program.

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